Carpets are a great flooring option and provides numerous advantages that make it a splendid addition to any home. With the endless colors, styles and patterns, carpet is still one of the most popular flooring options today. Here’s a few reasons that make carpet flooring such a popular choice for both home and office.


One of the most important benefits of carpet is the level of comfort that it provides, it completely transforms the ambience of the room. It creates a comfortable place for your family to enjoy and provides a level of comfort and warmth.


Carpets are preferred by homeowners partly because of the range of options they have when it comes to the color and texture of the carpet. While the darker colors lend a feeling of warmth to the room,light colors bring about an open feel. Carpets can completely change the atmosphere of a room.

Different Styles of Carpet:Carpets are available in a variety of different styles, patterns and fibers which makes carpet a great flooring choice for many rooms in your home. Some of the more common carpet types are.

Loop Pile

In this this type of construction the fibers are curled into loops and are stacked in levels. Level loop piles also known as Berbers are very durable, have good stain resistant and great for heavy traffic areas and busy families. The multi-level loops have unlevelled top and that provides a texture to the carpets.

Cut Pile

In this type of construction, the yarn tips are cut to prevent the formation of loops. Cut pile carpets are typically denser and provide a softer feel than loop pile carpets; this type of carpet also provides a greater level of comfort. Some of the more popular styles of cut pile carpet are.

  • Plush: This type of cut pile carpet has an even texture and a beautiful appearance.
  • Saxony: This type has a smooth texture with longer fibers twisted to add to the body of the carpet.
  • Frieze: It is also known as shag carpet and are suitable for areas that does not receive much of the foot traffic. Also great for area rugs that can be made to any desired shape and size.